Just You And Me

(The Eugene & Cooks Wedding Song)

Today, the pursuit for the final fragment has been completed,

Now my life seems to be a complete piece

Tonight, GOD must be missing an angel, I can see,

Cause sheís down here, walking up the aisle with me.


I canít control this sentiment inside my heart

I canít hear the birds singin in the trees

I canít even feel us walking into matrimony

all I can see darlin, is just you and me.


There are moments when I hear angels singing a song,

and I find myself standing on a feathery soil

Then upon seeing you there I realise Iím in heaven too

So tell me darlin, is heaven called heaven without you?


Will you be my love always?

Cause Iím gonna be yours forever.

Letís be together endlessly my darlin

letís be our own life, our own world & our everything.


Take my hand girl, lets walk under the moonlight

on that silent Bogmalo beach,

and just like the sea birds, may our life fly high,

may we glow together, brighter than the stars in the sky.


This joy is choking me inside,

Oh GOD! I feel drunk in your love.

Iím so in love, what am I supposed to do?

when all I want darlin is just to be with you.


Hold on darlin,

Hold on to me, donít let go my love,

No, I wonít let go.

Take in this happiness & love, like never before,

Love me darlin, (Iíll love you so),

Love me like thereís no tomorrow.


(Bold = Girl, Italic = Boy)