Whose Side?

They say that we are not alone, that there is a power greater that anything else watching us all,

We call this power God, who we know will laugh in our happiness and help us when we fall.

His word alone can change the day to night and the night to day,

He is the creator of all who wants to give us happiness and love, so the scriptures say.


Mad evil man, played a dangerous game, due to his ignorant and stupid mind,

He claimed to be fighting for his country, but had his own people's life on the line.

So many innocent folk lost out their way to bring in their daily bread,

so many people are now just memories - because they are dead.


The super power countries played their own dirty game,

they inoculated a seed for their own benefit, and used peace as a name.

The evil killed so many, leaving so many innocent with no where to hide,

this all happened, with "Our Creator" being on their side.


Today the same thing is happening in other parts of this life,

the evil are greedy and stupid taking away our God's given life.

Men are killing & dying, while women cry for their husbands and sons,

Whose side are you on God? The evil, or the innocent ones?


And in this world of ours - where more children are killed then they are born,

I have to ask you Lord - whose side are you on?

And when the innocent eyes of so many children, do not open to see a new dawn,

Answer me oh Lord - Whose side are you on?