Waiting Forever

Somehow I knew, the first time I met you,

that loving you wouldnít be easy at all.

Now, just a heart break later,

Iím trying so hard to forget you.


Iíve stopped my life, seen the growing of the pain,

I cry at night, try to touch you, but all in vain.

Didnít have a shave, Iíve let my beard grow,

standing under the shower, Iíve let my tears flow.


Where did we go wrong ? What did I ever do,

to hurt you the way I have ?

I tried to hold back the tears, when you said "Iíll always love you ".

Now I sit here for the phone to ring,

and wait eagerly to see what the post man brings.

But not a single letter, not a single phone call,

just me in my room, staring at the wall.


Here I am now, still waiting for you,

Canít see myself loving another, the way that I loved you.

The day you want me back, just call me, or write it in a letter,

my arms will be wide open for you darlin, cause Iíll be waiting forever.