Will all this world, come out of its shell

and look at what is happening around us

Will we accept that life is not sweet anymore?

why cannot things be like they were once before


All I want to do is sing this song to you

to open your eyes and show you too

It is not life no more, just bloodshed everywhere

not a single country left that really wants love and peace anywhere.


Bastards have become politicians, and have found Satan on their side,

Proclaiming God's name they take us for a ride.

We cry that we are victims of the cruel reality

yet when we are given a little power we create an air of brutality.


We humans are self-proclaimed "lovely living things"

but deep down we know that we are greedy human beings

you'd kill for power and rape for pleasure

would you be able to handle it if someone did the same to your own lover?


Its a self-centered world we create when we have the better side of the moment,

we blind our souls not sparing a thought for the other person's sentiment.