Wounded Combat

God should have killed you and me, before we were made each others enemies,

We should have been prisoned by those who wanted peace, love and harmony.

We belonged to one world, we had so much joy to share with one another,

we confided about our women and life to one another.


We then grew up, and acquired a mind of our own,

this strengthened our relationship - together we would smile, together we would moan.

We shared so many of the pleasures & our cultures that life had introduced us to,

we fought so many obstacles together, just me and you.


We then went back home to different so-called countries,

we seemed miles away but our soul treasured the good old memories.

We fell prey to the commands of the stupid politicians of our country,

we then fell prey to religious leaders asking us to join their unity.


So there we stood a gun in our hand,

taking oaths to fight for what we personally had not tried to understand.

We let ourselves be brain-washed by hypocritical blady men,

we set out to war, to kill those who lived in the country of our friend.


And I started to shoot & kill, Oh man! the first time was bad,

It buried all the innocence this soul ever had.

One day I was called to shoot more POW's so I took my Gun in my hand.

Lord! I found myself aiming at you - my very own friend.


I shot you down, at that moment it all seemed so right,

And even today that moment hasn't left my sight.

You would have shot me down too, if we were to change side,

we had lost our identity as individuals, letting those in authority take us for a ride.


Now I'm old and crippled, and another lovely friend I never ever saw,

And I'm still trying to find out the wisdom in that or any war.

Those politicians, those preachers have not a single wound on their body,

I'm still a wounded combat in body and soul, and have since lived as my own enemy.


Forget about this whole damn War, and about who is responsible for these damn things,

what happened to the lovely friendship that was shared by two human beings?

These Wars, be it religious or political, or any other sort

Why are we killing like mad? Just for a moment open your eyes and see,

It's usually cause we belong to different religions, caste or to a different country


People are people - they too get hurt and feel pain.

Looks like we have to learn to love and appreciate life - all over again.