My Valentine

When I lay on my bed, after a day full of missing you

I think of you as I shed a tear, and then I begin to miss you

And the summer night still makes me feel cold

I feel lonely and need you to hold


The night seems good, cause I travel to our land

Where we are together walking hand in hand

We pass through life as paired woman and man

As we begin to love each other as much as we can


And we whisper sweet love and I tell you that you're mine

And you swear on the skies that you'll always be my valentine

Life holds just a desire now, a desire to be with you always,

To tease you and fight with you, but to love you always


I'll love you darling, like there's no tomorrow

And shower you with happiness, washing away your sorrow

I'll love you, I'll always be there

I'll be your man, showing you that I care


When the night comes in, I'll love you passionately

As we make love through the night, I'll love you endlessly

I'll make you smile, I'll make you cry with joy sometime

Come what may, I'll always be your valentine


Even when the rain pours down, we'll make things fine

I swear to love you darling and always be your valentine.