Come Along 30

At a height I stand, with this artificial smile on my face,

Knowing there is this secure (I hope so) cord tied to my feet.

I open my arms wide, ready for the plunge into the wide sea,

The ocean that I call "life when I'm thirty".


No more stupid comments, no more excuses for being a waste

No more a rebel, and no more of those comments on foreign cuisine taste.

No more loud music and no more living in front of the TV

No more life? Oh! but anyway…come along 30.


So I'll have this open mind, and smile at social places

I'll stay polite and sober amidst all the conservative races

I'll be expected to be mature, sensible and hide the child within me

Oh boy, but anyway… come along 30.


I promise not to laugh, when I see a politician pretend to work

I'll try to keep my mouth shut, and won’t call anyone a jerk.

I'll just have to live and get use to a life of sense and sensibility

It's going to one of those days, but anyway….come along 30.