The Sinnerís Prayer (Part 2)

Lord, this is a humble prayer from a veteran sinner,

who has often deceived your teaching on the way to finding you.

I feel unworthy now of life itself that you have given me,

but I pray here for something much stronger than requesting you to accept my apology.


Help me, to love this life that you have given me,

this way, I hope I will never try to hurt or take away the life of others I see around me.

Make my heart capable of really loving all that you have created, from the beginning of land to the end of the sea,

Right from what lives in the ground to what lives way above me,


let my soul be a slave of all your creation, a king to appreciate and enjoy this real beauty,

may I inoculate sincere love in people and remove from within them the seed of dishonesty.

Above all, keep me away from greed and jealousy that comes round,

may I walk high in love for everyone, and yet have my feet to the ground.


This is all I want, and Iíd like you to give it to me,

cause this way I know that I will love all that I see.