The Sinner's Prayer (Part 1)

God, you know that this is your biggest sinner here,

who lived without sparing a moment for you, who lived without fear.

I'm not that bad at all now - all I'm doing is trying to find you,

but the journey seems long and tiresome, I do not know what to do.


Why do I need to go to a church, temple or mosque to talk to you,

Amongst quite a number of hypocrites who shout their praises to you?

They walk out of the holy place, and remove their mask displaying Satan's face,

these are the same people who are playing dirty games with our human race.


I ain't worth of your blessings,

ever thing I write seems to challenge and question your teachings.

Is this my quest for you Lord - or do I really belong to Satan's side?

my mysterious feelings for you and will to do good, never seems to coincide.


It donít matter, Oh Lord, if you do not want to forgive me,

and even if the gates of heaven never open up for me.

But while I am here on earth, make me love and respect all others equally,

with a clean heart and mind, let me do good for peace, love and unity.