Sing For

Put down those weapons, put down your pen and book

come out to freedom, come have a look,

Forget everything that's on your mind

leave your complete life behind.


So this is it, all of us out here

just together, relaxed, with nothing to fear

Let us hold our hands let us dance and sing,

let our personal contribution to world love begin


It really doesn't matter who or what you are

Leave it all behind, there isnít any bar

Let your naked hearts sing in joy with one another

sing with sincerity for a world that will be better


Save a prayer, a thought for your brothers & sisters

on the other side of the seas.

Regardless of your religion, color, sex or caste

unite together with every boy or girl

sing for your own salvation, sing for a better world.


Time is passing by let us unite

let us sing & dance together until we see evil disappear from our sight

and when the dance and song is all finished,

may you look around and see that the beginning of peace and love has been accomplished.