Sandia's Theme

They don't understand the emotion within you.

your innocent heart and child like mind,

makes you an alien amongst the people around you.


You want to live life the independent way,

without People telling you what to do. They can't relate to it,

but you've got to learn to put up with the things they say.


Don't cry Sandia, don't cry my girl,

Mummy ain't gonna stand by you,

and daddy's not gonna make you his world.

But hang on there Sandia, your life belongs to you,

lead it your way sugar, do what you want to do.


They want you to marry a complete stranger,

you just don't want to do this,

It's for your own good, so says your father,

you just can't see how one can do this.


How can you marry a man you don't know?

how can you sleep with a man you haven't seen before?

This you are told is the Indian way of life,

but how can he be your husband and you his wife?


Sleep alone Sandia, don't let the stranger in the bed,

these are your views, forget what the oldies did or what they said.

And the Lords will bless you'll so you are told,

don't fall for this stuff Sandia. Be Strong, be bold.