Respectin Remo

(The must-be-read-after-a-few-drinks remix)

I saw this man one day, with a guitar on stage,

He'd then play the flute and the crowd would create a rave.

He was original even then, I could tell even though I was still in school

The weird hair, the humours columns he wrote. Man this guy was really cool.


Today he's more than a musician, he's the one guy that does care,

He tells us to avoid drugs, as he's seen it and he's been there.

A meaning to every song that reflect his heart that wants no wrong,

Throwing so much light for the youth, by his song.


Very pity though, that he still isn't crowned the local hero

by his very own people who have known him since long before.

Is it a Goan thing, that they don't respect you, as much as they should

Or is that they need more wisdom, and then perhaps they would?


The other day, Cassy told me a bit about the other side of you,

A human side, a goan side, that I presumed but now I knew.

He told me about his wedding and the words you raised that night

About how he admires you for your dedication and work that is so right.


'Oh Meri Munni' is being hummed by people on every land,

but isn't it strange that your songs are never played by any Goan band?

It's so stupid. Are they proud as individuals or as the entire band

Can't they be proud of a brother like you from their very own land?


So Remo, here's a message of respect for you,

From a Goan soul who is stopping everything right now, just to salute you.

To tell you that I am proud of all the achievements that you have had

To tell you to carry on, and let those Goan band's scene remain sad.

You have a vision, you have the style, you have the talent too

This is my way of thanking you Remo. My sousegad way of Respectin you.