The Redemption

My friend you have got to stop and look behind.

Look at those years behind you,

the years youíve just been through.

Now sit and think, and look at the present.

Then predict the future thatís going to be full of more sin,

Is this the world, the HE created for us to live in?


Donít get constitutional, and bawl like a baby.

And do not question yourself, about what you can do,

tell yourself, that the world depends on you.

Atomic energy and nuclear missiles,

is this what you want

your neighbour to have next door?

Donít run from the felon, cause I bet youíll run into a lot more


And then you start to hate this world, crying "But what have I done?"

Try to remember the warm day, the day you hurt your brother.

A heathen, a pariah, no matter my friend,

we are all HIS children, and HE is our father.

So try and keep your fatherís home,

just the way HE had built it for you, yes in that way.

Inoculate the germ of love in others

and youíll love yourself at the end of the day