Just Wanted To Say

I came by your place the other day,

You weren't home so Your dad kindly offered to take a message for you

But I couldn't tell him what I wanted to say

So I told him that I just popped by as I didn't have much to do.


I called your place, but the phone was busy for so long,

I felt that the telephone system of the nation had gone wrong.

Later, we spoke about the neighbourhood, when I finally got through

Didn't speak my heart, even though I just wanted to say that I love you.


You're a real good friend, you seem to keep the fire within me going,

We tell each other our lives and about stuff that keeps our mind thinking.

Then I find myself in an unfinished sentence as you're listening too,

I never can speak my heart when all I want is just say that I love you.


Here's me going on about the boring whether again,

You're listening to my rubbish and don't go insane.

You sense when I'm bored, grumpy and happy too,

But have you ever heard me silently tell you that I love you?