A Simple Thought

Never wanted to write this song,

It seemed to bring sorrow to me all along

But circumstances put together this pen and paper,

The conscience and heart put these words together.

Why the ego, fascism and the racism?

Spit out the insecurities and get rid of the fanaticism.

Live your life, in happiness along with the entire human race,

Believe in One World, One religion, One race. One Colour, just a different face.

Soldier, Soldier. I never seem to understand you.

You kill, yet cry. Why are there such contrasting emotions within you?

I wish you could destroy evil and leave it all behind

I wish you could follow your heart and not your mind.

In your mind you follow the word of power-hungry men or of a politician

Or worse still you set out to kill in the name of religion

Teacher, Teacher. Teach not only the lesson of the elapsed,

Help these innocent minds mould a better future.

Preacher, Preacher. Preach not only what the scripture's say.

Throw light on people's spiritual differences, show then that it all leads to the same way.