A Friend In Need

In the pouring rain, deserted by the virtues of the human mind,

The thunder gets louder, as I wish I could put this pain behind.

Cars pass by, making it worse by splashing water all over me,

My sorrow gets washed in the rain thatís pouring down merciless on me.


I remember the sunshine days, when I played in the fields back home

So many faces around me, I never seemed alone.

On this rainy day, so empty and vast is this play ground

Faces have vanished in the rain, laughter has become the thunder's sound


Yesterday I had my own wheels, my CD player seemed to be so good

I remember parting wildly, with as many people as I could.

The radio played a tune. The DJ declared it as our very special song,

The radios still playing that tune today, but something seems wrong.


I let go of the material life, said goodbye to that wild life

Gave up comfort to embrace simplicity and strife

I smile more now as I admire the river watch the dancing palm tree

Its better than sitting in a pub with people, watching a 50" TV.


Its amazing how cruel this real world can be,

Where are all these so called friends who used to hold on to me?

A handful of them are still here, they feel that I'm in need

So sweet of them. These are my friends. Real friends indeed.


I'm not bitter about the other faces that I had once known,

I've learnt a lesson. Thanks to them, I seem to have grown.