Weren't You The One?

I seemed to have forgotten the look of your smile

then again, You haven't been yourself for a while.

As we lived, living the colours and moments of the world,

An enemy came by, and caught hold of you my gril.


The world seemed to come to a hold,

While you fought back, trying to be string and bold.

Nothing can explain the pain that you went through,

No one could the battle field, that bleed within you.


But now you're gone, and your pain has come to an end,

But tears flow from our eyes, prayers offered in our open hands.

Loved ones can't get over the loss, tears flow as they cry,

All for the sake, that you were called to die.


You're happy now I know, in a garden that holds peace mile after mile,

You seem to be smiling again, but weren't you the one, who had forgotten to smile?

Happiness still exist in the world I suppose, but you took away it's shades from me,

But weren't you the one, who always wanted to see me happy?


I know you are in heaven, you're an angel to us all,

You left your loved ones behind here, and went upon hearing God's call.

We wanted to see you smile and be happy, we prayed to stop your pain,

You're smiling now. The Pain has stopped. But we seem to be crying again.

For your sake, as you would always want to, I know we have to move on,

You're now a bond between us, a strength to which we must hold on.