Somebody Out There

Days and nights that you've been all alone,

Looking at sunny days, yet standing in the pouring rain

You're a love, thatís been broken, you're a heart cheated once again

There's no river running, no birds singing, the world doesn't feel the same.


But when people played, far to many a times, with love,

They were put to shame, by the master from above.

As in shock they watched, as for a while, he stopped the entire world,

Making the time for his precious son, to choose him a girl


Somebody out there (Can't you hear her) Loves you

Somebody out there (Can't you see her) wants to be with you

God's chosen one (Can't you feel her) wants you to see her

A love out there (Won't you love her) will never let you shed a tear


They might have taken away your innocence. Shame!!

They danced on your true emotions, proclaiming loves name.

Do you think they won? No. Cause there was someone who didnít let them win,

Youíre still God's precious son, while they still live in their world of sin.


It doesn't matter whether life's little ways are wrong or right,

Just remember that the weapon in true love, always wins the fight.