My Brother's Place

There's a wall, in the form of beautiful mountains that stands between you and me,

Snow covered land that is stained with our blood, which we can't seem to see.

I watch you on the other side, I wonder if you're doing fine,

I want to hear your story and tell you about this life of mine.


We seem to be killing, and never seem to be talking,

we seem to be controlled by power and our own stupidity too at times.

We do have different approaches to life, yet our roots stand there, as the same

we seem to be forgetting that and killing each other in Spiritual and independence's name.


You moved out and set a place on your own,

I know things got rough since then, and we ended up having a different home.

But why are we still at war, brother lets throw down our weapons and embrace,

give our children the freedom to run and play at the brother's place.


Outsiders seem to be influencing you, more than you know,

they want to see us kill and hurt and not smile together like we used to before.

We've become targets of foreign lands, that doesn't know our race,

so they want us to kill those who live at our brother's place.


Live brother live, live for the betterment of yourself and your own family,

and drop the ego and anger that makes you see your very own brother, as your enemy.

I'm not asking you to come back home and give away the independence you've found,

I just want us to live happily on our separate ground.


It hurts me to see my children at war as they fight to stop you,

from intruding into my home and trying to harm those who are like a family to you.

Enough of the bloodshed, let us see smiles from now, on each other's face.

From the mountain top, I want to smile looking at my brother's place.