Dead Soul Walking

There was a man who hadn't been there,

He hadn't seen it, hadn't done anything at all

But he lived in a close world, unaware of the world out there

Perhaps a coward, but the attitude he showed was that he didn't care.


Within the service Industry, He runs a business of some sort,

But the attitude to his customers is that he's doing a favour to them lot.

There's no service, no smile. Humanity & ethics, this man doesn't know

Shame. Looks like the good soul in his body died ages ago.


Amour Propre, the man doesn't know a thing,

He's so full of him self in his closet world, self praise he will sing.

There's no respect for another, no love in his heart

When does simplicity in people die? When does this pride start?


He drove his car, feeling that the rest were racing him

His foolishness began to take over and he felt the road belonged to him.

No regulations, just arrogance. The man is really a dead soul walking

People feel no comfort, just arrogance, when they hear him talking.


In a world where people reciprocate their anger towards him

and before they know it, they become just like him.

Amour Propre. Shame he didnít realize life so sweet

It's not what you own that should make you stand on your feet.

It's the inner qualities of a person, the love that they give around

And appreciate life and all the people that they have found.

This is the real treasure a person should have on their side,

While the others are deal souls walking in their own pride.