A Bowl Full OF Rice

There is a man, who promised me a peaceful neighborhood,

He told me of the days to come that will make a better world for my family.

In that case, I told him that I was beside him and I'd do all that I could,

And tell my friends to support him too, where ever he stood.


The man came into power, and he still remembers my name,

A politician of today, he began to play his game.

Promises have stayed promises, there is still anger in a youth's hand

As the man in power has sanctioned industries that will pollute our land.


Castle might die, the sea will be poisoned, and people might not live too,

But my politician friend never forgot me and called me up, for he knew,

That I was a man, the common man could relate to and understand,

Else I'd buy them over for my politician friend, by putting gifts in their hand.


At his mansion, the politician and me, we had a drink and then went in to dine,

The world outside cried for clean water, their voices reached these ears of mine.

As I sat there for a meal, I looked into my bowl full of rice and realized something,

It was by cheating the innocent, that my host was paying for the meal that evening.


I sat there coming to terms with voices I heard in my plate, & victims I saw crying too,

I couldn't digest another spoon full, while my host feasted, even though he knew,

Where the money came for him to pay for the food,

All of a sudden I felt like a rogue too, on the ground that I stood.


Now that evening is behind me, I haven't see the politician for a while,

But I remember him when I see the pollution spread mile after mile.

He's still partying eating in fancy restaurants too,

With every bowl full of rice, there is nothing new.


Shame. On him.

Shame On me.