Will I die tomorrow?

There's a scream on the street, the declaration of the arrival of death,

people gather at the sight, to see a man breathe his last.

His eyes searched the skies as he lay there in pain,

perhaps his voice was crying to the Gods, to tell them his name.

He shed a tear as life finally let go of his body,

People stared in sorrow, looking into his eyes that could no longer see.


There in the car sat a frightened youth, young enough to remember his name.

Power of a materialistic world made him a player in a big man's game.

He wasn't born when the trees were young, but could remember when his life had begun.

His mother's pride, he smiled her smile, yet was wild enough to be his father's son.

But there he was sitting in fright, having killed a human being with his car,

wounded himself, he bled all over and crawled next to the corpse that wasn't far.


The youth used to spend much time on the street, mingling with the rebelious lot,

he acted tough to find an identity, and used roughness to obtain all that he got.

But his father took away his gun and hoped to keep his son off the street,

like most parents they just wanted their precious son to stand on his own feet.

However, in an attempt to do so they gave him wheels and asked him to go,

and keep away from the guns, and find a profession that he would like to know.


They took away a gun and gave him a car,

but where did he go, and for how far?

A weapon replaced another, not knowing that it could kill,

riding on the power of speed, inexperience controlled the thrill,

Now on a dying bed, surrounded by medical folk, his mother prays for her son,

while another family buried their father, thanks to what this boy had done.


Medical fights to keep the youth alive, the going doesn't seem good anymore,

while his helpless conscience wonders whether it will still be alive tomorrow.

Was the gun more dreaded than recklessness driving that car?

Will people live again, will time wash away the scare?

It wasn't cool, (it never is), speed just brought in fright and sorrow,

but will they stop now, will they see this? Will they learn before tomorrow?