A Poor Man's Feast

I shake my head in disbelief, when I watch the news on TV

As I hear about a change of people who want to rule the country.

It's an opportunity for communal issues and religions to be used yet again

To get us foolish people to listen as they wash away our brain.


Men drive in cars, buying power, by bribing those they see,

Why can't we people first of all understand the meaning of democracy?

People's helplessness and foolishness are exploited to say the least

Power dances on our innocence and foolishness, at this poor man's feast.


Millions are spent on choosing a team, Who we feel will stand

and lead this third world country, out of misery and into prosperity.

If we have so many millions to waste on such stupidity,

Then why are there still homeless and hungry people around me?


What difference does this entire fiasco make,

Since we'll soon realize that the chosen one isn't fighting for our sake?

There was money spent to buy power

Falling prey to greed, these were the men, ignorance and greed ran after


Shame as even religion is used by various religious priest,

to promote individuals or teams, in this poor man's feast.

What can a thinking person do? Where do they go?

Wish that the rest of the people could just sit and think more.