A Song For Ethan

When you close your eyes, little boy,

What are you thinking of?

Are you choosing names for every toy,

That seems to be around you?

I love to see you smile in your sleep

You always laugh in your dreams, you never weep.

I hope you're seeing the white soft clouds in the sky

Do you then try to touch the heavens that is even more high>

I want your world to be the sweetest and the safest,

I hope you never shed a tear, not even in fear.

I see you asleep for hours it seems,

Then your wake up and all our faces beam.

I hope the world is a lot more settled by the time you grow,

I hope there is a solution to pollution.

I hope religious-deference don't exist anymore.

I want you to know Christmas, Eid and holi too,

So that you can enjoy the love in this world that rightly belongs to you.

May petals form the path on which you walk,

May peace and love come out of the words you talk.