A Girl In Delhi

Sometimes when I'm just by myself, I often think about the life that I lead

wonder if I'm doing the right thing and if today satisfies my need.

I remember wonderful moments and People as they come to my mind,

Most of this seems great and I know that I've left some wild, yet good times behind.


Few people touch me, the way you have done so

and a few can throw tantrums at me, just like you used to before.

All our fights have made us promise to disown each other, but just for a while,

as you melt me, and play me on your finger tips with that wicked smile.


As life seems to be in the pits now, I'm struggling at the bottom of a ladder,

the world above seems to have forgotten this man, that it used to run after.

Disheartened, venerable, yet lost in a world that doesn't want to know my name,

My life seems to have turned upside down, while the rest of the world is the same.


But then you just come out with these one-liners that mean so much to me,

You make me smile and feel that you're there on that ladder with me.

Every step I take, you tell me that I should go on for as long as can be,

You've become someone I depend on, a part of my heart that's within me.


My lovely girl in Delhi, what would I be right now, if it weren't for you,

would I ever be smiling, if it weren't for you?

I wish I could really tell you how much of a support you mean to me,

You'll always be my precious one, my girl in Delhi.