About The Author


Well, this is the hardest bit about putting together a new book. What do I write here? Well I'm going to make it real short.


I was born on the 7th of October 1968 (I'm very old now). My only coolest possessions are my parents, sister and brother-in-law, my immediate family. My niece and nephew seem to mean everything to me. Besides this I am very lucky to have some very wonderful people in my world in the form of friends. I love them. Specially, fiends that I have made recently. Then again there have also been people who have hurt me immensely. To them too I owe a great deal as they have shown me things that I hopefully will be aware of in the future.


I still love to cook, and am still very moody. Oh, I have lost weight. I've transformed into a Bombay boy, which is good, as I think that Bombay is still the coolest place on earth.


I still love my women, and have been fortunate to have fallen in love even more. Wait for the bang, I'm yet to fall of the skies this time round. To those who have always believed that in a room of one tart and a 100 good women, I'd choose the tart? Well, things haven't changed yet.


Right now I am on a high. A high called Bombay (Mumbai - to be politically correct in an otherwise piece of work). Yeap I eat the lovely food, speak the lingo and am loving every bit of it.


Well I'm just a guy who lives in his jeans. I try not to burp after every meal. Love to hang out and well just wish that life wasn't so competitive and there wasn't so many differences in the world.