Praetorian Domain

Baffled souls, commanded by crude brains,

In the name of scriptures the race go insane.

Desire to be controlled, and an appetite to kill,

and then to be labeled a hero is a real thrill.


God made man, and then gave him nature,

with the intention that man would make things better.

Man got greedy and lived to satisfy his own joy

the ruthless minds press a key, smiles watch the world destroy


The only love left is that which I see in a child,

but for how long? I ask myself.

With weapons, murders, thefts and war being all that we see and read about today,

will our kids take these happenings to be part of just another ordinary day?


This is due to the dishonesty that the generations have created & learnt to live by,

we have managed to ignore victimís tears, and we can't even hear their cry.

A dishonest world we have created - we are the ones, who have spoilt it all,


Shame. Shame. Shame on us all, we have robbed our own kids of a safer future,

by just ignoring the things that are happening today - without a trace of fear.

Praetorian Domain everywhere

Isn't there a place safe enough for the kids anywhere?