The Orphan

As he walks down the lane, looking at the night sky.

He hopes to see a wishing star, thereís that look in his eye.

He wish he had a hand to hold, and parents to love him.

Heís called an orphan and there isnít anybody who knows him.


He lives a life of search, searching for what he longs for.

He does not want a second pair of shoes, neither a second pair of jeans.

He does want to go to any of the parties, he just wants to search for his love.

He looks for a brother to fight with, and a sister to pamper him.

He wants a family, he wants to belong to somebody.

Itís a world weíve created a world to live in,

while the innocent weep in tears the bad get away with sin.

While some cry for a new pair of shoes for their feet,

some wish they had feet to walk on the street.

Our little orphan walks in life, where to he does not know.

But he still keeps his spirits up no matter how far he has to go.