Man Power

Give me what I want, why have you got more than me?

Take away feelings towards mother nature, I donít really mind if youíll rape her.

I feel that you are all wrong, itís just me who is right,

I want to be your leader, and for my dreams you shall fight.


All of you are under my control, I am your leader,

I want your attention, come help me get the power,

so that I can stop the peace that is around me and you,

and start a war, rob the innocent and then Iíll share my riches with you.


I shall kill, I shall do no matter what it takes, as long as I get what we want.

Iím not looking at my real need, this is me and my personal greed.

Manpower is that what we call? This thing that brings evil to all?

Where one kills anotherís religion, to live in a world of personal satisfaction.

So go ahead, and make your greed run after, this thing called power.

Press a button and destroy us all after all, to you the world is just a ball.