A Cry On The Mountains

A thousand feet walk past my door,

Protesting a cause that I do not know.

Somewhere in a village, an old lady bows her knees in prayer,

Pleading to someone she feels is up there.


Another accident, a victim of human's abuse towards nature,

The world mourns now, only to forget the whole thing later.

Another vision, a new religion the fanatics are on a high

Dramatic measures are in action to praise the ghost behind the sky.


I want to get away, away from all the people here,

I'll walk to the mountain top, and try to paint this picture clear.

No where near Satan, no where near GOD, no where near my own brother

I'll cry the death of another hero, that left me feeling like a child without a mother.


Science is thriving and greed and man are so eager to know if they could,

Intellectual minds, didn't wait to stop and think whether they should.

Today, we're cloning living beings, we're trying to compete with the powers of life,

Encouraged by us - life's children, the path for this is free of strife.


Take a look at what we are doing, listen to what we are saying,

Sons are at war killing, their mothers on their knees praying.

We've become superior, yet can't control the tragedies our errors bring

Somebody hear me on this mountain, crying about the whole thing.