The Man With The Car, Women, Wealth & Power

I'm standing here at a cross-road

Having to choose between wealth and respect

I choose wealth cause I'm the kid of person who lives for the day

I live for myself. I can't give a damn to what the rest have to say.


I'm standing on a roof top

I'm deciding on which to take - with evil on my left & good on my right

So I went with evil and was given a gun in my hand

With a big car, women, wealth and power - here I stand.


I relaxing in my indoor pool

Thinking of who I'm going to bully or kill

Then I'll go to the finest restaurant and have a good dinner

I'll choose between my girls, and then go home with her.


On my way home, I saw this old couple walking hand in hand

They were smiling & everybody around seemed to be their friends.

They nibbled on shared meals, and then they all sat around together

They sang and clapped in a happiness that seemed to last forever.


I know that tomorrow all this wealth, women and life will be gone,

I'll be a naked individual at the light of the new dawn.

Nobody to hold me, nobody to offer me a bite of their meal

Nobody to smile with, nobody to know how I feel.


I'm standing on this pavement in this crowded city

Without a gun, car, women or power & nobody seems to notice me.

I look around and see people smiling & talking with those around

Maybe they hadn't picked wealth or evil, yet there is happiness found.