Love Will Find A Way

Love will find a way, just believe in your heart,

just love one another like there is no tomorrow.

No matter what the world has to say,

you two have one another to live for.


Time will laugh at you, you're made out to be an alien in society,

nobody wants to feel the joys and pains that you feel so sincerely.

They brand you a pervert, your way of life is looked upon as disgusting,

you get beaten up just for being so in love, just for making yourself and your lover happy.


Why is society hypocritical about the queer way?

Isn't it like any other relationship? Yet we look down at those who are gay.

They too have hearts, they too cry when they pain,

They are just like you and me. Pride to loose, satisfaction to gain.


Let people love who they want to, what is it to you and me,

it is their life, it is their right, so please let the gay be happy.

What is important is that they are living creatures too,

who can be real friends to so called normal people like me and you.


They never laugh or insult our sexual way,

we are left alone, nobody has nothing to say.

Let lovers be lovers, be it a man or a woman,

It's a shame that we are not able to completely understand their lovely affection.