A Plain Love Song

You were the real thing that ever happened to me,

walking out of this mysterious world that's full of images and fantasy,

brought out the real man from within me

turned this nine to five life of mine, into an appreciative reality


Come again darlin, why did you walk out on me?

I am useless now - life isnít the same any more, can't you see?

I want to see heaven again, darlin so let me look at you,

I want to feel I am in heaven, so let me whisper I love you


Let us do dinner once again, in London on a summer's night,

I swear on life I won't let go of you again, I'll hold on tight.

I don't care what I have to do, I don't care what it will take,

I am going to love you truly even if the rest of my world were to break


So come down darlin, walk down from heaven and take me in your care,

it has been real lonely, ever since you were called to live up there.

I love you darling, I love you so truly

I miss you my girl, I miss you so deeply.