Knocking On Your Door

You say you will fight for me, start my happiness, and bring my sorrow to an end.

You say that you are there for me, whenever I am lonely and am looking for a friend.

Youíve let words stay as words, but your actions as a dead end.

You mislead my happiness, and my sorrow started all over again.

I fought for you, I nearly killed myself, and all you wanted was a piece of rock,

I fought and gave it to you in the end.

But I lost my hands, I lost my eyes,

now I canít lift a coffin neither can I cry, at the funeral of a friend.


Why do we fight for our countries?

Why do we risk our lives?

Why do we fight to save her pride?

Why do we rape the enemyís wives?

Humanity and justice, never seem to flow together, why I do not know,

Tell me ministers of my country, Iím knocking on your door.


So whatís next, my beloved country, is it another piece of rock you are after?

Here, have my son, have his young friends, take these innocent ones away from their mother.

After all, what can you do, besides hurting the innocent of this world?

Take away their hands, their voices and their eyes,

cause then they canít knock on your door for help,

and your sure wonít be able to hear the cries.