We Three Kings

There's an occasion, rather lavish I must say,

Somewhere in GOA, to celebrate the three kings day.

Three local villages unite to rejoice and sing is praise,

Faith unites thousands as their voices they raise.


Three kids, one from each village are chosen, each to represent a king,

On a horse they sit moving towards the church, with folk following as they sing.

After that there is such a huge fair,

Eats, drinks and sweets are all available there.


One boy questioned "Can I be a king next year?"

"No!" smiled the organizer "I'm so sorry my dear".

"You see, you belong to a lower caste, so there's nothing I can do",

"Only the higher caste can be kings and this isn't for you".


The tradition is to have a local kid, one each from the three villages - but this is theory

Local kids who live there - who play there - to represent that village respectfully.

In practice itís the Brahmins sons, who are made kings regardless of where they stay,

as long as their ancestors came from one of the three villages, they have a say.


So this whole thing has been going on for such a long time,

the people who dance and sing for the feast pretend that all is perfectly fine.

Lord - cause I am poor, cause I belong to the lower caste, does this mean

I can't play an active role in your celebrations. This is a sin. Or so it seems.


I'm not going to take this ignorant politics specially when it comes to worship,

you folk can sit back as usual, but I'm on a different trip.

I ask the question once asked by a gentleman called Dr. Manohar Sardesai

"Who took the Lords of the skies and prisoned him in a shrine - ask the priest",

while you folk can be your ignorant selves and enjoy that feast.


The priest don't seem to see anything wrong,

even though they sing loudly that wonderful song

"God is dwelling in my heart, he and I are one"

Come all regardless of anything, you are all welcome to hear the word of HIM through His Son.