A word from Tagore

Everybody must experience love, and everybody must taste the flavours of peace. Love in all her forms and peace not just around one's self, but deep within too.

It's sadly astonishing to know that every single day, there is major violence somewhere in our world. What are me fighting for? It always seems to be because men are fighting for their rights over their self made parameters such a religion, race, colour and land.

Peace does live within us, that love lives within us, but it is these other parameters that we give priority too, thus getting lost in what I feel is a wonderful world - a wonderful life - a GOD given life.

'The Journey Man' is my personal excursion in what I call 'perhaps the final important chapter' in becoming a complete individual. The spiritual journey, finding myself in the eyes of the creator. Having the guts to say 'Yes I do believe in you' but more importantly realizing that 'Father you have a different name'. Learning to really respect the way my friends and family look upon You, and knowing that the differences in our ways of talking to you, must never be a barrier between us. To know that you love us all equally regardless of how many times we remember You.

Couldn't we all just learn to accept, for the sake of retaining this wonderful life? Couldn't we just learn to believe that we are all the children of one GOD, for our own peace? I hope so…

Let the journey begin.