2) The Journey Man - II


Half way on a road that seems to have no end,

I reminisce the obstacles on the road behind

that made me stop my travel and face the situation in hand,

An obstacle then, but an education as I now understand.


Life itself is a gift, a lovely mountain that I must explore

I travel as a fool, but every step I take teaches me more.

No matter where I go, no matter how many rocks I climb,

I move ahead a better man, leaving evil behind.


This is how I should be, moving up towards a love that's true

Where all that I see is mine, but belongs to all, and to me and you.

My brothers and sisters are up on the mountain top

Encouraging me to climb,

telling me that there's enough room on top of the rock


No matter where, how, what or why,

There is always love and concern for us in the Creators eye.

Just like a mother who doesn't want her children to fight

We have to play peacefully in the grounds of life, in GOD's sight