12) Beautiful Woman


You're a woman with every drop of beauty within you

Heads could turn when you walk into any room

Your smile is like nature, you voice is like the birds that sing,

Your eyes are the ocean in which the moon and sun sink.


You could have had the best of life,

The wealthiest man would make you his wife..

The oceans and the forest together would sing,

As you could have become the queen to the very best king.


You discarded the chariots, you discarded the kings

You discarded the wealth and all the materialistic things

You left your innocent world, before your life had begun

You surrendered to call my beautiful woman.


You chose a carpenter, instead of a king,

And you sat on a mule and traveled through the fields

Palaces should have graced you, but you'll knocked on every inn,

They all turned you'll away, as you carried your child within.


And so the beautiful woman, settled into a stable

And tried to rest where ever she was able.

Amidst the cattle, sat there the carpenter and this lady

Bring into this world a messenger for you and me.


This beautiful woman on who any man would have fall,

She sacrificed it, to bring us the coolest man of them all

As a mother, you sacrificed your son

But I surely love you for it, my beautiful woman.