3) The Journey Man - III


In a forest late at night, two friends walked through the night,

Each one knowing, yet hiding their own fear,

but never knowing the fear of the other

The two friends walked through the trees in the moon light.


When they heard a stream, they changed course, as the 1st one needed a drink

The second followed his footsteps before he could think.

But rocks and bushes blocked the path to the water

The thirsty man tried but failed to get over.


Seeing the thirst the second man made an attempt,

He fought through the tweed and climbed the rock.

He went out of his way, giving all that we could lend

Eventually passing over the water to this thirsty friend.


As they carried on through the forest, the second one lagging behind

He thought about his family, sweet memories on his mind.

A second later, he knew he'd step into a deep hole,

As he fell, he screamed knowing that the friend ahead would hear his call.


The man ahead knew about the hole and walked past it,

Yet he didn't say a word to warn his friend who walked behind.

For a while, out of sheer tiredness, he ignored his friend's cry

Literally walking ahead leaving the fallen man to die.


As I walk ahead through life, with you God my friend behind me

You've been my friend who has suffered yourself, just to protect me.

I know that you too must have faced trouble with that fall,

And I am the shameless man, who ignored your call.


I feel so empty, so ashamed of what I've done,

I let you down even when your love for me begun

Forgive me and give me a chance to make things fine

Come walk with me through the forest, just one more time