13) My friend, my saviour & my life


Happiness and peace fill me whenever I'm with you

As I pay my respect to you,

And tell you how grateful I really am

For the life that you've given me

For the love that you pour on me.


I know that my life is often misunderstood,

By those who don't know you like me.

They grow hatred in their hearts towards me

Perhaps insecure, maybe they don't understand

That you care for all of us, that you are our friend.


I look forward to the five times that I stop everything to be with you

And practice your teaching that are so detailed

You have given me this life my saviour

And shown me ways to lead it to it's fullest and best

Ways that are different from the rest


I will always love you,

I will always be this loyal disciple of yours.

Nothing makes me happier than when I'm with you

I'll praise your name through happiness and through strife

You really are my friend, my saviour and my life.