10) All Because You Love Me


I can see the sky, I see the moon look me in the eye

I can hear the birds singing, I can feel the cold wind blowing.

I feel like an eagle, watching the world from a mountain top

Looking at your creation below, the world you've gifted me.


I can walk into life, and know that you're there with me

I can touch the clouds, I can feel the river flow

I can see my rainbow, I can dance in the monsoon rain

Knowing that you've made these things for me.


Walking on the streets, I have the love of everyone

I get a smile, I get a hug, I get a chance to be loved.

I see my brother pray towards Mecca, I hear another ring the temple bell

I pass another, he bows facing a crucifix.

When I see this, tears of joy seem to fill me

I know it's your gift to me, all because you love me.


So let me walk past my brothers who have a different faith

and be happy seeing them do their own thing.

May I never look upon them as a threat, or get evil and scare or hurt them

simply cause they worship you in a different way.

Take away the evil that wants me to hurt and not appreciate other who I see

Let them love me, and let me love them equally

Let me make the world better, all because you love me.