6) Take My Life & Let Me Live


Iím just a farmer I work in the field alone

Working for a living, for my family and me

Itís been a while since Iíve grown

Iím as old as the mountains, my lifeís been bigger than the sea.


Iíve met a lot of people, some of them Iíve hurt

Iíve walked through gardens and survived through forest and dirt.

In my troubles, single footprints left traces behind,

I look back and see that they were yours and not mine


So I thank you God, my very best friend

For being there for me while I tried to understand

That you are the one, the one in who I must believe

Take my life Lord, and let me live.


I know your way, your teachings that have shown me

Your love and your way of life that have shown me

That I should not kill and eat another living being

Iím learnt life, from the stories that youíve been in


Thank you too for the just the single word that brings peace to me

OM shanti OM, pour your love and peace on me

Help me in my struggle, give me the peace to believe,

Take my life and let me live.