1) The Journey Man - I

I was alone, waking up to darkness every morning

The birds sang for light, the winds seemed to haul for life.

I looked for love in all the wrong places, with sin on my mind,

I selfishly lived on happiness from others, exploiting the things I'd find.


You were no where in sight my God, or so it seemed at that time,

I mocked you, and called you names

I ragged those you worshiped you, I laughed at them who loved you

And even though you were there for me, I foolishly ignored you.


I've never called my worst enemy the names I threw at you,

It wasn't like I hated you, I never bothered with your life at all.

But for all the fun I made of you and for all the times I insulted you

You never once fought back, you forgave me all the time, for you knew,

The day would come, the day like today, when I'd bow my head in front of you.