9) Father you have a different name 2


As I pray, I bow my head humbly,

praying to you Lord, I close my eyes faithfully.

I see not your picture yet I call out your name

I pray for my loved ones, as I call out your name.


I have these two lovely friends, who I love so immensely,

they are lovers, yet fight like kids & then confide in me.

They are a part of each other's life, so many things are the same,

Except while praying. Father, they call you by a different name


They decided that they wanted to spend their lives together

Be one, and share every moment of live with each other forever.

But people around made a fuss, fanatical folk played a foolish game,

All because father, they call you by a different name.


Good thing though, they defied all the odds and got together as one,

They initially hurt their loved ones, by what they had done.

Now those fanatical people, have bowed their heads in shame,

They know that you are the same, even though we call you by a different name.