14) The Journey Man - IV


Look at me, see what I am,

I talk to God from a mountain top, and by the ocean

Because of him, I appreciate my life in happiness and I smile in sorrow,

Him and me like children we play, like there's no tomorrow.

But other folk got worried they said I had it all wrong

They condemned my Universal GOD, in my journey-man song


They said, "There's no way that you can,

Think that you really are God's friend.

He is immortal, so superior, don't you understand

That you are nothing, but the son of man?"


There's a church, and there's a mosque,

From here I see a temple too.

They seem crowded with people of their following,

From here, I can hear their difference in praying.

I'm out here praying and I know that I can

Freely hang out with you GOD, even though I am just a son of man