5) Elaine's prayer


Mamta, Karun, Chinky and Sahil are here with me,

We were playing and colouring having fun

We got colour all over ourselves too

We knew we'd be yelled at for what we had done


So we closed our eyes and we remembered you GOD,

Chinky and me called you Jesus, Mamta and Karun called you Rama,

Sahil is so small and can't speak correctly, but he was trying to say Allah Miyam.

Our eyes were closed, we were really praying to you for help,

Suddenly our Mamas walked in and saw the mess, but smiled instead of yelling

Our hands were washed, one at a time, we knew you heard us,

But then we watched some cartoons and were back to playing.


My Dada read the newspaper, said that people are fighting,

But why GOD why? Why can't people just be happy like my friends and me?

Then my uncle fell sick, he didn't go to office, so we gave him a call,

GOD why can't you give us good health and look after us all?

Anyway, Mamta, Karun, Sahil and Chinky are here now, so I have to play,

Please keep a watch on us, and this world and keep things the peaceful way.


After the playing is over, we'll wash and sit to have a meal together,

But before we eat, we always remember Jesus, Allah and Rama together.

Do grown-ups also call you these names?

Do they pray together to you like my friends and me?


These big people are always fighting in your name,

As I grow up, please make things between me and my friends remain the same.