There goes my friend. Memories of him are so loud and clear,

All I see in this vision, is him running wildly, playing with the children

I see him helping a man cross the street, I see him give a hug to an old lady

I see him there, listening to and helping lost souls like me.


People began loving him, and rightly so I may say,

He's been criticized by those who've never really known him too.

Some have used their association with him for their own benefit

They interpreted him to many in ways that they best knew.


These friends of his began to argue, and dispute the other's interpretation

They felt they were right and that the others had the wrong end of the stick

So strangely enough as they spoke of a good man and all his good teaching

They inoculated hatred for the other within themselves & their audience who were listening


Groups formed, each believing in what they felt was right,

But with these differences becoming so important to them

The good man's life and his teachings slowly lost sight.

People began to fight, they became fanatical spoiling what was once fine,

While their leaders took the free soul of this good man, and prisoned him in their shrine.


Oh God, help me survive this and always be that best friend of mine,

Keep me away from those who stupidly caged you in a man made shrine.