8) This special moment


Here I am, my arms open wide to you

Standing on a rock trying to embrace heaven.

The sunlight touches my skin

It's light reminds me of the emptiness that I'd lived my life in


Today, the sky seem clearer, and the river sing a lovely song

The birds back it up, singing in harmony.

I never knew that the wind could whistle too,

never knew such happiness, until I began loving you.


From this moment, I can see be it at night or in the day

My GOD, you filled me with whatever I was missing within me

There isn't a dream that I can't reach, there isn't a star I can't see

This special moment has brought them all to me.


This is a love song, my song to you

to remember this moment from when I fell in love with you.

Stand by me my love, and I swear I'll always be there too

Love me forever, as from this moment I'll always love you.