This book is very special to me, it's a declaration of faith, of belief and above all the establishment of a relationship with our GOD. A relationship I could never relate too, a relationship I never ever thought was possible. A lot of love from people, their personal experiences with life, and their time to share that with me is what brought me to this book. People who were nice enough to share these beautiful incidents with me.

Mum and Dad have always been there. They believe so deeply in GOD, they smile as they love him and I could see them smile even more, as he loved them. I was convinced that I was going to be an atheist, yet they never forced me into anything. They never imposed their relationship with GOD on me. Instead they just shared experiences with me. I am so grateful for this, for they knew that one day I'd see things through and they prayed for it. I felt guilty as my mother cried on numerous occasions as I freely condemned her GOD, and counted the number of ceiling fans when I did go to church for her birthdays etc. Dad, being the super cool dude that he is, would smile at me as I foolishly tried to make logical sense and reason about faith. Thank you my lovely doves, for believing that I would see things through one day. Thank you for not being fanatical, and forcing me into praying when I didn't believe.

Eugene knows just how to touch a chord within me, especially when he teams up with Cooks (my precious sister and his wife). They seem so happy, even in the face of obstacles. They are such a cool couple and I never knew how, especially since they always had time for GOD. Thanks to them, I really began to see the shades of beauty in prayer, in peace and in believing. Elaine, my precious niece who is always so cute when she's mischievous, ungrateful, eating and sleeping is even more cuter when she sits there with her parents and prays. She prays in her quaky voice and sings to pitches that she can't reach, but she is so sweet and innocent, that I realized that if Elaine could pray with her quaky voice and sing to pitches that are beyond her, what was stopping me? So thanks to all three of them.

Recently life introduced me to a friend who basically created this spiritual tidal wave within me. Strangely enough, he's looked upon by many as the wild man. Somebody who's been there, seen it & done it all, so to speak. An amazingly gifted musician, who people can swear on as being one of the best. However one of his greatest strengths is his faith. He is the reason for me to finally own up and say 'yes I was wrong. Yes I do believe'. From the bottom of my heart I thank you Cassy Lobo. For convincing me that I had it in me to write love poems for GOD. Thank you. Never knew a wild man could show me the light. Thank you for those 'all night' Friday night sessions of talk and reminders that my art was a gift. A gift from up there. For seeing that I could believe too.

While I'm at it, I'd also like to thank you Cassy along with the rest of LYNX, for cheering me up, making me smile , and basically putting up with my pranks. All of it meant so much than words can say. Amidst all the pranks, were the one liners that would make a world of sense. Cheers guys.

I must mention Valmiki who also gave me so much support and threw light on my faith. He really got me started onto the right passage on this quest.

It was a very pleasant shock for me, when along this journey of mine, I discovered that two old friends (who don't know each other), had long started on a similar journey and were in a position to share their experiences with me and thus help me in my own quest. Thank you Jawed Hasan (yeap the same guy with the rented 4 wheel drive). The deep conversations that we shared meant much more than I can say, and have definitely made us share something stronger. Similarly I'd like to thank Satish Shenoy. In between all those laughs and techy conversations came to light the joy of believing. Satish, thank you for sharing your GOD with me too.

I'd like to mention Hilary, and Chris Bismark who were friends enough to tell me that, spirituality was something that must be part of my life. Miles and miles of support and assistance came my way, as people confirmed the joy and happiness that only faith can provide. Thank you all of you.

I must thank Shawn (Pandu) for being a damn good friend. Incidentally, his spiritual contribution to my life has been his attempts at trying to get me to go to church with him at times, by letting me know that some very cool babes did actually go to church on a Sunday morning. What would I do without a 'true' friend like you?

In their own ways, with their own messages, with their own examples, I'd like to thank Joe Cordo, Leslie Lewis (for the song 'Krishna') & Glen La Rive.