About the author

I couldn't decide as to what I should write about myself. Didn't I say enough in the previous two books? So initially I thought that I'd just request my readers here to refer to my first book and read about me, that's if somebody really wanted to know.

I just dawned on me, that since this book does carry this spiritual feel, I should perhaps say something about the spiritual side of me. So here goes.

I've made two previous major attempts in my life to discover my faith and have failed miserably. Actually I drifted even further apart from my goal, all of which eventually led to being something worse than an Atheist. At least an Atheist does not believe in GOD and leaves it at that, until they find themselves part of a conversation that then turns into an argument. I on the contrary found myself making fun of those who worshipped and prayed and worse still, making fun of GOD (in all his names). I needed nothing but a small excuse to get me going on this trip. Shame, isn't it?

I've never read any of the holy books such as the bible, Koran, Bagwad Gita etc, and as of now I have no intentions to read these. Lets just say due to my own limitations - perhaps. All of a sudden spirituality to me means nothing else besides just two main 'fandas' (Indian lingo for fundamentals). 1 - God to me is a friend, a damn good friend who I can hang out with, talk to, fight with and then patch up, jam up with and also listen to him. Just as much as he helps me I should be there to help him too (this usually is when he uses me to cheer up someone or listen and help somebody). 2 He loves everybody in this world, & they are part of his life, his world. So I must make it a point to love, respect and accept all of these people. If not for my very own sake, then at least for his sake. I know that people call him by different names. It is in no way, a threat to my relationship with him. God's cool with me and I know that he won't let anything or anybody ruin what him and me have.

People have written so much about him, and people talk so much about him. I don't really listen to them much, simply cause whatever they say is not really about them and him. It's about what they have understood from his teachings. So visits to the shrines are not honestly me. My scene is about me and him. He is just my friend, who I know will never let me down. Never. Ever.

With such an approach I really hope that I always am a universally spiritual man, learning every day the beauty in the friendship with GOD and also learn about his other friends who call him by a different name. One day I hope that we can all sit together with our common friend and just chat, smile, laugh together and understand each other better, thus helping us to respect all.